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deepest earth



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Truly deepest purple, amethyst cut-base geode filled will with extra large intense purple amethyst crystals with an impressive peak size display. The traditional polish around the edges allows a display of the white quartz formations that transition into a delicate layer of both agate and celadonite. 

The stunning uniqueness of this freestanding piece of natural and unrepeatable art lays in the brilliance emitted by the extra large amethyst peaks. All a remarkable combination of different minerals, including large amounts of iron came together in the Crustaceous period, millions of years ago within the layers of our deepest Earth.

What a marvelous natural wonder we get to hold in our hands and display with admiration and esthetic pride after having been formed many millions of years ago.



Weight: 2.16 lb , 1.36 Kg

Heigh: 5.5"

Weigh: 3.5"

Depth: 4" 

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