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deepest earth



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Deepest, most intense violet color in this cut-base style amethyst geode. Distinct, multi-colored agate outline. Exceptional square shape outlined by greenish and bluish agate and celadonite bands in a delicate balance that is robust, yet delicate. 

Traditional-polish finish allows a transition display from the rough basalt in the back, through the colorful mineral-formation layers reaching a framed front of brilliant peaks of vivid intense purple amethyst.

This piece exemplifies the well-earned reputation Uruguay holds in being the source of the highest quality amethyst in the world. Still holding the record of origin for the largest amethyst geode ever extracted. The "Empress of Uruguay" stands 11 feet tall and embodies an unrepeatable natural piece of art, which validates the exceptionally high quality of the piece. 

Ethically and skillfully sourced, it is a gift from our planet we get to hold in our hands today after its creation took place when the dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago.



Weight: 2.9 lb - 1.16 Kg

Height: 4.5 in - 12.0 cm

Width: 3.5 in - 9.0 cm

Depth: 4.0 in - 10.2 cm 

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