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Deepest Earth



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This saturated hue purple crystal cut-base geode, finished in the traditional polish style, offers a mesmerizing transition from the rough basalt at the rear, through the layers of colorful mineral formations, culminating in a front adorned with vivid, lustrous peaks of intense midnight purple amethyst.

Midnight dark purple crystals geode serves as a testament to Uruguay's well-deserved reputation as the source of the world's highest quality amethyst. It still holds the record for producing the largest amethyst geode ever extracted, known as the "Empress of Uruguay," which stands at an astounding 11 feet tall. This natural wonder represents an irreplaceable piece of art, further validating the exceptionally high quality of this amethyst specimen.



Weight: 2.8 lb - 1.12 Kg

Height: 4.75 in - 12.1 cm

Width: 3.75 in - 9.6 cm

Depth: 3.75 in - 9.6 cm

Additional Details

Traditional-polish finish allows a transition display from the rough basalt in the back, through the colorful mineral-formation layers reaching a framed front of vivid Midnight radiance. Dark Purple Crystals Geode Fragment of high quality, for sale from Uruguay. Dark purple crystal peaks, presented in cut-base style.

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