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Deepest Earth



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This "Mirror Mirror" geode masterfully balances the raw basalt rock at its rear with the resplendent radiance of its front. Its placement is inconsequential, as it effortlessly reflects light and serves as an abundant source of inspiration. Whether bathed in bright or subdued lighting, it consistently gleams, unveiling its undeniable beauty.

With its gracefully rounded edges, this geode features a remarkable fusion of colors, incorporating the renowned blue celadonite, brown agate, and white quartz that are synonymous with Uruguay amethysts. This captivating blend significantly enhances the geode's overall aesthetic appeal and allure.

MIRROR Rare Cut-Base Geode High Quality from Uruguay



Weight: 1.15 lb - 0.52 Kg

Height: 4.5 in - 11.5 cm

Width: 3.25 in - 8.3 cm

Depth: 3.5 in - 9.0 cm

Additional Details

Of the richest violet color, this Mirror Mirror cut-base style amethyst geode is inviting and calming shaped. Filled with large gemstone crystal peaks of hypnotizing violet shades. This unique piece is meditation-inspiring. Finest quality from the source of The Empress of Uruguay. For sale and of the highest quality.

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