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Deepest Earth



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Outland is an extraordinary assemblage of minerals that originated deep beneath the Earth's surface millions of years ago, showcasing an unparalleled level of natural splendor and radiance. It presents itself as a cluster of crystal peaks with a cut base, complemented by a vibrant display of unpolished agate bands in shades of blue and green, along with obsidian basalt on the back.

This awe-inspiring creation serves as a humbling reminder of the magnificent gifts bestowed upon us by our planet, leaving an indelible impression of its grandeur.



Weight: 4.2 lb - 1.9 Kg

Height: 5.5 in - 14 cm

Width: 4.7 in - 12 cm

Depth: 4.8 in - 12.2 cm

Additional Details

Outland is a remarkable mineral composition of elements formed underground millions of years ago, yet revealing the highest level of natural beauty and brilliance presented as a cut-base cluster of prominent crystal peaks and a vibrantly colored back of blue and green unpolished agate bands and obsidian basalt.

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