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Deepest Earth

Pink Amethyst Heart Geode 66

Pink Amethyst Heart Geode 66

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Truly stunning and unique, this large pink amethyst geode heart is a natural marvel, boasting a mesmerizing display of sparkling sugar-coated small crystals that cover the geode with undulating curves. Enhanced with intricate patterns of white and rose jasper, it exudes elegance and charm with every glance. The fusion of these exquisite elements creates a captivating display piece of unparalleled beauty and allure. Its back reveals yet another layer of natural artwork, this exceptional geode heart is a testament to the astonishing wonders of nature.


Iron mounting securely hugs the geode fragment.

Please refer back to the below product images to carefully place your mineral on its stand, to ensure stability.

On the stand, approximately 7.5 in - 18.9 cm tall



Weight: 2.2 lb - 1.0 Kg

Height: 5 in - 12.6 cm

Width: 6.1 in - 15.3 cm

Depth: 3.3 in - 8.3 cm

Please note: the dimensions describe the mineral pieces, not including the stand.

Additional Details

Rare Pink Amethyst Heart of lovely crystals on a customized stand. From Brazil of high quality.

  • ethically sourced
  • deluxe packaging
  • free shipping
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