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Deepest Earth



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This remarkable mineral formation bears a striking resemblance to a radiant lavender-purple pizza slice, exuding both elegance and playfulness. As an amethyst fragment displayed on a stand, it serves as a truly unique and sophisticated gift option for a discerning young lady or an avid enthusiast with a taste for exquisite geode pieces.

Featuring light purple quartz crystals embellished with a dusting of snow-like accents, this delightful sculpture also showcases non-crystallized agate and a textured raw basalt back. With its unmatched combination of minerals, it presents 360 degrees of sassy beauty that is sure to captivate and charm.


Permanent iron mounting securely holds the fragment. 

On the stand, approximately 5.8 in - 14.8 cm tall



Weight: 0.12 lb - 0.34 Kg

Height: 4.1 in - 10.42 cm

Width: 3.3 in - 8.4 cm

Depth: 1.3 in - 3.3 cm

Additional Details

A playful home decor mineral formation resembling a luminous lavender-purple pizza slice. This amethyst, on stand fragment, makes an elegant unique gift with its lite purple quartz crystals, adorned with snow while non-crystallized agate and a delightful back of raw textured basalt. A unique and rare mineral piece.

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