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Deepest Earth

Captivating Rare Color Cathedral

Captivating Rare Color Cathedral

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As a result of temperature fluctuations during the formation process, the typical iron-infused violet tint of amethyst has undergone a remarkable transformation, giving rise to a splendid amethyst with stunning orangey-brown tones. The crystals found within this quartz, despite their rare color, boast the same hardness as their conventional purple counterparts.

This unique amethyst crystal, fashioned in a cathedral style with a cut base, showcases a captivating calcite formation along with rare details of orange hematite. Its extraordinary coloration sets it apart, inviting fascination and admiration for its distinctive beauty.



Weight: 3.15 lb - 1.71 Kg

Height: 5.5 in - 13.83 cm

Width: 4.31 in - 10.7 cm

Depth: 4.2 in - 10.6 cm

Additional Details

Due to a variation in heat temperatures during the formation process, the conventional iron-infused violet tint was transformed into this splendid orangey - brownish toned amethyst. The crystals in this rare-toned quartz were formed of the same hardness as the traditional purple-hued amethysts. This rare color amethyst crystal cathedral-style cut-base piece offers an intriguing calcite formation and rare orange hematite details.

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