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Deepest Earth

Rare Amethyst Popcorn-Shaped Calcites

Rare Amethyst Popcorn-Shaped Calcites

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This enchanting arrangement exudes a playful and distinctive charm, rare amethyst popcorn-shaped calcites resembling specimen. The quartz, with its alluring light pewter tones, stands out in an unpaired and delightfully unusual display. Its crystals possess a captivating sparkle that is truly mesmerizing. Sourced ethically from the renowned lands of Uruguay, this piece is not only unique but also carries a touch of charm.




Weight: 2.12 lb - 1.25 Kg

Height: 5.3 in - 13 cm

Width: 11.0 in - 4.45 cm

Depth: 3.90 in - 9.2 cm

Additional Details

Unpaired playful arrangement resembling rare amethyst popcorn-shaped calcites in this delightfully unusual colored quartz in light pewter tones. The sparkle in its crystals is simply captivating making this cut-base amethyst a unique and charming mineral specimen. Ethically sourced from the renowned Uruguayan land.

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