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Deepest Earth

Robust Stalactite Mineral Decor

Robust Stalactite Mineral Decor

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Nature has generously bestowed upon us a remarkable creation, a harmonious fusion of minerals that is a rare and breathtaking sight, showcased in all its splendor. The earth's natural palette reveals a vast array of minerals intricately woven into the fabric of this stunning formation.

At the heart of this refined and exceptionally robust stalactite Mineral decor slice, we are greeted by the presence of agate and orange jasper, encircled by a substantial band of agate with a gentle cream hue. This is followed by brown jasper, culminating in a shimmering outer layer adorned with lavender quartz crystals.

Robust Stalactite Mineral Decor

Images display both sides.

Stalactite slices are presented in a classy box with a clear, fitting stand. 



Length: 5.3 in - 13.4 cm

Width: 3.7 in - 9.4 cm

Additional Details

Robust Stalactite Mineral Decor from the heart of this exquisite and exceptionally sizable stalactite slice, we encounter agate and orange jasper, encircled by an agate ribbon with a soft cream hue, followed by brown jasper, culminating in a shimmering border of lavender quartz crystals. For sale from Uruguay

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