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Deepest Earth

Sculptural Polished Mineral Decor

Sculptural Polished Mineral Decor

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This exceptional amethyst specimen boasts large, intensely vibrant indigo-purple crystals, complemented by the rare presence of opulent, almost white calcite. The reverse side provides a captivating view of crystals from top to bottom through a transparent window, showcasing a complex interplay of minerals.

The sculptural polished mineral decor piece beautifully highlights the presence of vibrant green celadonite and grey agate, creating an exquisite frame for the quartz crystals.



Weight: 4.92 lb - 2.77 Kg

Height: 6.51 in - 16.6 cm

Width: 4.52 in - 11.5 cm

Depth: 4.1 in - 10. 38 cm

Additional Details

This high-quality amethyst is formed of large intense indigo-purple crystals, with a rare white calcite. In an intricate display of minerals, its back exposes top-to-bottom crystals in a see-through window. This sculptural polished mineral composition reveals traces of the vibrant green celadonite and the grey agate.

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