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Deepest Earth



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This charming miniature quartz fragment resembles a marine organism, crafted from delicate umber-brown micro-crystals and featuring a remarkable central cut stalactite made of white jasper, adorned with bands of baby blue and green jasper.

SEACRAB is a delightful piece, suitable for gifting or as the initial addition to a budding collection of rare amethyst specimens.




Weight: 1.8 oz -  50 gms 

Height: 0.6 in - 1.55 cm

Width: 2.9 in - 7.4 cm

Depth: 1.8 in - 4.6 cm

Additional Details

An exquisite small piece resembling a sea creature composed of umber brown micro-crystals and displaying an extraordinary cut stalactite of white jasper center, and baby blue, and green jasper bands. SEACRAB is a cheerful piece fitted to be gifted or kept as a first step to a rare amethyst collection.

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