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Deepest Earth

On A Stand Amethyst Geode

On A Stand Amethyst Geode

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This lovely delicately perched on a stand amethyst geode fragment displays a unique frosty crystal composition. Its polished edges reveal a striking exhibition of green celadonite, creating a captivating contrast with the frosty purple crystals before seamlessly transitioning to the raw basalt. This captivating piece exudes a charming aura, making it an ideal source of inspiration for your meditation practice.


Images display multiple sides of the same piece.


Iron mounting securely hugs the geode fragment.

Wood portion colors may vary.

On the stand, approximately 7.5 in - 19 cm tall



Weight: 1.5 lb - 0.6 Kg

Height: 4.9 in - 12.4 cm

Width: 4.2 in - 10.6 cm

Depth: 1.45 in - 3.7 cm

Additional Details

On A Stand Amethyst Geode of frosty crystals in round shape amethyst cluster. Polished edges expose a display of green celadonite that contrasts with the frosty purple crystals, before meeting with the raw basalt. This a charming piece to inspire you in your meditation. High-quality decor for sale from Uruguay.

  • ethically sourced
  • deluxe packaging
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