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Deepest Earth



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Radiant like a star, a light-reflecting cut stalactite adorns this remarkable amethyst cluster of gem-grade crystal peaks. The unpolished, rugged basalt at the back accentuates exceptional bands of green celadonite, charming blue agate, and white quartz, all converging with the deep purple amethyst boasting impressively large crystal peaks.

STAR, this piece is a testament to ancient natural art sourced from Uruguay, an internationally renowned hub for the finest amethysts in the world. As a collector, enthusiast, or simply someone curious to hold a piece that dates back to the time of dinosaurs, you'll appreciate the ethically sourced magnificence of this gem-grade amethyst geode.



Weight: 2.12 lb - 0.96 Kg

Height: 4.75 in - 12.1 cm

Width: 3.75 in - 9.6 cm

Depth: 3.5 in - 9 cm

Additional Details

Luminescent as a star, a light-reflecting cut stalactite embellishes this astonishing cluster-style amethyst of Gem-Grade quality crystal peaks. Rough basalt rock in the back highlights many minerals; green celadonite, delightful blue agate, and white quartz meeting the darkest purple in amethyst geode.

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