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Deepest Earth

Steel Color Amethyst Specimen

Steel Color Amethyst Specimen

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This steel color amethyst specimen prominently displays clear evidence of a rich assortment of minerals that contributed to the creation of this captivating piece. Sporting an unusual steel-gray coloration with interspersed white quartz patches, it reveals a section of crystallized red hematite and a band of gray quartz. These elements form a striking contrast with the yellow-orangey back of the geode.

The skilled artisans of Uruguay have thoughtfully presented this amethyst geode with a cut base while preserving the natural undulations that formed during its subterranean origin.



Weight: 1.36 lb - 0.55 Kg

Height: 4.83 in - 12.25 cm

Width: 2.85 in - 7.22 cm

Depth: 2.2 in - 5.32 cm

Additional Details

This piece reveals overt evidence of an abundant supply of minerals involved in the forming of such a delightful specimen. Of atypical steel color, with patches of white quartz, a section of crystalized red hematite is visible, as well as a band of grey quartz which contrasts with a yellow-orangey back.

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