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Deepest Earth

Stunning Amethyst Stalactite Slice

Stunning Amethyst Stalactite Slice

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Translucent and intricately designed, this grand formation resembles a magnificent flower, crafted by nature from earth-toned agate with bands of blue and green jasper. Enveloping this exquisite piece is a substantial and graceful layer of oversized lavender-colored quartz crystals.

Sourced responsibly from the time-honored underground caves of Northern Uruguay, this masterpiece is the work of skilled local artisans.



Images display both sides.

Stalactite slices are presented in a classy box with a clear, fitting stand.



Length: 3.8 in - 9.5 cm

Width: 3.3 in - 8.3 cm

Additional Details

See-through exaggerated grand flower-resembling formation, nature-made of hearth tone agate with bands of blue and green jasper. Bordering this glee is a thick and lovely layer of large, rare color, quartz crystals. This Rare Amethyst Stalactite Slice was ethically sourced from the ancient underground caves of Uruguay.

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