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Deepest Earth



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THE WAVE is an exceptional and uniquely shaped amethyst geode fragment, featuring a cut base style.

The traditional polish reveals enchanting bands of layered minerals, including white quartz, pale blue agate, and green celadonite, which beautifully frame the unprocessed basalt rock at the back. This natural contrast accentuates the glittering front adorned with intense violet crystals and their light-reflecting peaks.

This magnificent wave-shaped geode has been sourced ethically from the esteemed mines of Uruguay, where skilled artisans have carefully preserved every contour of this stunning piece of natural art. It dates back to the Cretaceous Period.



Weight: 2.2 lb - 1.0 Kg

Height: 4.75 in - 12.1 cm

Width: 3.0 in - 7.7 cm

Depth: 4.0 in - 10.2 cm

Additional Details

The WAVE, traditional polish, displays delightful bands of layered minerals including white quartz, light blue agate, and green celadonite outlining the rough basalt rock in the back. The raw rock contrasts with a glimmery front of intense violet crystals to highlight the light-reflecting crystal peaks.

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