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Deepest Earth

Translucent Delightful Double Stalactite

Translucent Delightful Double Stalactite

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A stalactite slice is a formation of amethyst that grows in and around a central piece of agate, which by cross-cutting will expose both a magical minerals center and a flower-like arrangement of surrounding crystals. These slices are stunning and can make a beautiful tabletop classy delight.

This slice delights us with an unmatched double formation of two separate nuclei. Formed of truly translucent tan color agate with a delicate balance of green agate, yellow details, and a subtle outline of lavender crystals.


Images display both sides.

Stalactite slices are presented in a classy box with a clear, fitting stand.




Length: 2.9 in - 7.4 cm

Width: 1.83 in - 4.7 cm

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  • ethically sourced
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